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The Pain Clinic - Recent broadcasts

MP3 formatJune 16, 2024: Clash at the Castle, ARE Forbidden Door and more!

MP3 formatJune 08, 2024: Lots of news, NXT Battleground, contracts ending and more!

MP3 formatMay 31, 2024:

We talk King and Queen of the Ring, Double or Nothing and Suprises on NXT

MP3 formatMay 25, 2024: We talk King and Queen of the Ring, Double or Nothing and more!

MP3 formatMay 18, 2024: We talk about the King of the Ring, AEW and the Plague of Injuries

MP3 formatMay 11, 2024: We talk about everything in pro wrestling and much more!

MP3 formatMay 03, 2024: Cash is joined by Premier Talent Relations Joe Lynch talking Charity Softball game, Backlash and more

MP3 formatApril 27, 2024:

We talk WWE Draft and Tony Kahn and AEW, Mickie James and Matthew Matthew Rehwoldt from The Last Match

MP3 formatApril 20, 2024: We talk AEW Dynasty, Injuries everywhere and we are joined by The Last Match's Afa Anoa'i Jr

MP3 formatApril 13, 2024: Wrestlemania XL Review, The Last Match's Simon Miller joins us and more!

MP3 formatApril 06, 2024: Wrestlemania XL is here!

MP3 formatMarch 30, 2024: We talk WWE, AEW and Mania! Special Guest from The Last Match Director/Producer/Co-Writer Jeremiah James

MP3 formatMarch 23, 2024: We talk AEW, WWE and GCW debuting in Rochester

MP3 formatMarch 16, 2024: We talk Mone's debut, Mania build up and more!

MP3 formatMarch 09, 2024: We talk Stings last match, AEW Revolution, The Rock and the rpad to Wrestlemania

MP3 formatMarch 02, 2024: AEW Revolution preview, Sting's last match, WWE Mania buildup!

MP3 formatFebruary 24, 2024: We review Elimination Chamber, No Surrender and more!

MP3 formatFebruary 17, 2024: We talk Jeff Hardy, Rock joining the Bloodline and more!

MP3 formatFebruary 10, 2024: Cody finishing the story, Sting is a champion and TNA fires the head guy!

MP3 formatFebruary 03, 2024: Royal Rumble Fall Out, Cody Rhodes not challenging at Mania and more!

MP3 formatJanuary 27, 2024: WWE Royal Rumble, Vince exits once again and Netflix!

MP3 formatJanuary 20, 2024: We talk injuries, TNA, Hook and more!

MP3 formatJanuary 13, 2024: We talk injury bug, AEW and the Hook Signal and TNA Impact PPV

MP3 formatJanuary 06, 2024: Happy New Years! We talk debuts, special appearances amd the Devil!

MP3 formatDecember 30, 2023: Last show of 2023! Lots covered in AEW, WWE, Impact and more!

MP3 formatDecember 29, 2023: Lots of news and rumors!

MP3 formatDecember 16, 2023: Lots to talk about this week! Injuries, Arrests and where wil CM Punk land!

MP3 formatDecember 09, 2023: We talked Yeets, Punk, AEW and more!

MP3 formatDecember 03, 2023: We talk Punk, Survivor Series and MJF and more!

MP3 formatNovember 25, 2023: Survivor Series surprises, AEW Full Gear talk and more!

MP3 formatNovember 18, 2023: Rousey news, Full Gear talk and more!

MP3 formatNovember 11, 2023: 25 years of the Pain Clinic! We talk NXT moving, WWE changes and AEW!

MP3 formatNovember 04, 2023: We talk Crown Jewel, WWE in Rochester, AEW and Danger Boy gets married

MP3 formatOctober 28, 2023: We talk about Ric Flair sudden appearance, AEW moves and WWE Crown Jewel and Rochester

MP3 formatOctober 19, 2023: Cash losses his phone and lots of news and rumors!

MP3 formatOctober 14, 2023: Former WWE Superstar Kalisto joins us, we talk AEW and WWE head-2-head and more!

MP3 formatOctober 07, 2023: DC is back! We talk the problem with too many Adams and more!

MP3 formatSeptember 30, 2023:

We talk WrestleDream, Adam Cole's Bad Luck and WWE NXT's No Mercy and more!

MP3 formatSeptember 23, 2023: WWE makes some cuts, AEW Grand Slam and more!

MP3 formatSeptember 16, 2023: TKO formed from WWE and UFC, The Rock shows up on Smackdown and more!

MP3 formatSeptember 09, 2023: The Fate of Punk, AEW All Out and WWE Payback

MP3 formatSeptember 02, 2023: We talk All In, All Out and Payback to start

MP3 formatAugust 26, 2023: We honor Bray Wyatt and Terry Funk to open the show then we look at AEW's All In PPV

MP3 formatAugust 19, 2023: AEW Rumblings as we lead to All In, Edge on Smackdown and more!

MP3 formatAugust 11, 2023: We talk Summerslam, All In and more!

MP3 formatAugust 04, 2023: Summerslam, All In, 2 Titles and more

MP3 formatJuly 30, 2023: Summerslam is coming, All In too, and news and rumors from the world of pro wrestling!

MP3 formatJuly 21, 2023: We talk Blood and Guts, FTR on Collision and more!

MP3 formatJuly 15, 2023:

We talk about the state of the business and more!

MP3 formatJuly 08, 2023:

Cash and the Artiste talk about MITB, AEW in Canada and more!

MP3 formatJune 30, 2023:

We talk Forbidden Door 2, WWE MITB and more!

MP3 formatJune 24, 2023: We discuss Forbidden Door 2, Collision and the Bloodline Split

MP3 formatJune 17, 2023: We talk Collision, Bloodline turn and more!

MP3 formatJune 09, 2023: We honor the Iron Sheik and talk Forbidden Door 2

MP3 formatJune 03, 2023: What a week in pro wrestling! Bloodline breaking up? CM Punk is back and more!

MP3 formatMay 27, 2023: Busy wrestling weekend. We preview 3 shows and more!

MP3 formatMay 21, 2023: Build Up for a multi-PPV weekend!

MP3 formatMay 13, 2023: Lots of News and UPW's Hellcat and Champ join us to promote a show!

MP3 formatMay 06, 2023: WWE Backlash, The Draft and more!

MP3 formatApril 29, 2023: A New WWE Belt? More news on a AEW Additional Show and more

MP3 formatApril 22, 2023: Lots of WWE and AEW news and thoughts

MP3 formatApril 15, 2023: We talk about a possible return to AEW, more mania fallout and Impact champion-less?

MP3 formatApril 08, 2023: Wrestlemania 39 Review, WWE Sold, AEW announcement and more!

MP3 formatApril 01, 2023: Wrestlemania 39 Weekend!

MP3 formatMarch 25, 2023: Wrestlemania is a week away, AEW solid Dynamite and more!

MP3 formatMarch 18, 2023: We talk AEW andf MJFs Re-Bah Mitzvah, Owens and Zayn together with Codys help and more!

MP3 formatMarch 10, 2023: We talk AEW Revolution Results, Mania Build Up and more!

MP3 formatMarch 04, 2023: AEW Revolution, WWE Build Up to Mania and more!

MP3 formatFebruary 25, 2023: We talk WWE decision with Sami, a new AEW TV show and more

MP3 formatFebruary 19, 2023: Elimination Chamber, Jerry Jarrett and more!

MP3 formatFebruary 11, 2023: We talk WWE build up, Jerry Lawler, AEWs solid show and more!

MP3 formatFebruary 04, 2023: Rumble Fallout, Two Belt Joe and much more

MP3 formatJanuary 28, 2023: We talked Jay Briscoe AEW Tribute, Raw XXX and the Royal Rumble!

MP3 formatJanuary 21, 2023: Sad week to start with a superstar dying but we talk all about it and lots of WWE news.

MP3 formatJanuary 15, 2023: Vince is Chairman and Stephanie taps out, AEW, Impact PPV and more

MP3 formatJanuary 08, 2023: Happy New Year! Vince is back and more!

MP3 formatJanuary 06, 2023: Saying goodbye to 2022

MP3 formatDecember 24, 2022: Christmas Eve with the Pain Clinic

MP3 formatDecember 18, 2022: Mandy Rose released, AEW and more!

MP3 formatDecember 10, 2022: This week we talk WWE in Rochester last weekend and Rollins, ROH PPV, NXT live event and More

MP3 formatDecember 03, 2022: WWE Survivor Series fall out, William Regal and more!

MP3 formatNovember 26, 2022: We talk Survivor Series, Full Gear and more!

MP3 formatNovember 19, 2022: We are joined by Mad Dog Bobby Rogers, we talk AEW Full Gear and more!

MP3 formatNovember 12, 2022: 24th Anniversary Show with News, Former Host stopping by and more!

MP3 formatNovember 05, 2022: Crown Jewel, AEW adds more and news and rumors

MP3 formatOctober 29, 2022: Lots of news today, WWE, AEW and more!

MP3 formatOctober 22, 2022: AEW injuries, WWE Crown Jewel and more!

MP3 formatOctober 13, 2022: Bray Wyatt is back, AEW visits Canada and more!

MP3 formatOctober 06, 2022: AEW in the news again, WWE reshuffles the announcers, Bound for Glory PPV and more!

MP3 formatOctober 01, 2022: We talk about WWE Returns, AEW this week with a Hurricane interfering and more

MP3 formatSeptember 24, 2022: We talk about the new AEW Champ, Is the Fiend on his way? and more!

MP3 formatSeptember 17, 2022: Big week for AEW, WWE picks a new contender and more!

MP3 formatSeptember 10, 2022: Huge AEW news, Seeing AEW Live in Buffalo and WWE News

MP3 formatSeptember 03, 2022: Busy Labor Day Weekend with WWE Clash at the Castle, All Out ppv and more!

MP3 formatAugust 28, 2022:

We talk about the Mox Punk match, All Out and Gargano is back!

MP3 formatAugust 20, 2022:

What is going on in AEW with CM Punk, WWE evolving and more!

MP3 formatAugust 14, 2022: Lots of WWE and AEW News

MP3 formatAugust 06, 2022: Summerslam fallout, a new Era of WWE , Flair's last and AEW news

MP3 formatJuly 30, 2022: WWE Summerslam, Ric Flair's Last Match and more!

MP3 formatJuly 23, 2022: Vince McMahon retired? Say it aint so! ROH PPV and more!

MP3 formatJuly 16, 2022: TV-14 on the Horizon? Fyter Fest and More!

MP3 formatJuly 09, 2022: We talk AEW in Rochester, MITB and more!

MP3 formatJuly 02, 2022: We talk WWE MITB and AEW is in Rochester Wednesday!

MP3 formatJune 23, 2022: Special Wednesday night show with Cash and DC and AEW Dynamite

MP3 formatJune 18, 2022: Huge WWE Vince McMahon news, Impact has a PPV and Forbidden Door talk

MP3 formatJune 11, 2022: Talked about the amazing feat that Cody Rhodes did last weekend, AEW build, injuries and more!

MP3 formatJune 04, 2022: AEW Double or Nothing fallout, Injuries, NXT In Your House and Hell in the Cell

MP3 formatMay 28, 2022: AEW Double or Nothing PPV broken down! WWE news and more!

MP3 formatMay 20, 2022: WWE News about Champions walking out, AEW Dynamite and more!

MP3 formatMay 14, 2022: We talk WWE Wrestlemania Backlash, AEW Shows and More!

MP3 formatMay 07, 2022: Wrestlemania Backlash, AEW Dynamite and Rampage and more!

MP3 formatApril 28, 2022: Early show this week, we talk returns for sometime and more!

MP3 formatApril 23, 2022: Great news for our Rochester fans and lots of WWE and AEW and Impact news!

MP3 formatApril 16, 2022: What's in a name? Wrestling on TV and more!

MP3 formatApril 09, 2022: Wrestlemania 38 reactions, AEW news and more!

MP3 formatApril 02, 2022: Wrestlemania Weekend! Lots of news on big shows too!

MP3 formatMarch 26, 2022: WWE news and Mania buildup, AEW and Impact and ROH news!

MP3 formatMarch 20, 2022: We talk about Scott Hall and his influence on the business, AEW and Wrestlemania

MP3 formatMarch 12, 2022: Revolution Fallout, WWE Star injured, AEW adds a couple guys

MP3 formatMarch 05, 2022: ROH has been bought, AEW PPV this weekend and Mania build-up!

MP3 formatFebruary 26, 2022: We talk Cesaro, Elimination Chamber and AEW news

MP3 formatFebruary 19, 2022: Cody and Brandi gone from AEW, Elimination Chamber and more

MP3 formatFebruary 12, 2022: We discuss the new additions to AEW this week, the Forbidden door and WWE and ROH news

MP3 formatFebruary 05, 2022: Rumble fall out, Elimination Chamber and AEW

MP3 formatJanuary 29, 2022: WWE Royal Rumble, AEW and More!

MP3 formatJanuary 22, 2022: 2022 Painies! Lots of news and more!

MP3 formatJanuary 15, 2022: We cover all the news and rumors in the world of professional wrestling

MP3 formatJanuary 08, 2022: Cuts and Debuts are discussed and more news!

MP3 formatDecember 31, 2021: Day One, Covid Issues, TNT is the past and TBS is the future!

MP3 formatDecember 23, 2021: We talk Kyle O'Reilly on AEW Dynamite, Covid Postpones and More!

MP3 formatDecember 17, 2021: Special Friday Night Edition, Winter is Coming thoughts, ROH Final Battle Thoughts, WWE News and more!

MP3 formatDecember 11, 2021: Fallout of War Games, AEW Winter is Coming, Adam Cole and more!

MP3 formatDecember 04, 2021: WWE NXT2.0 WarGames, AEW and Impact, ROH and more!

MP3 formatNovember 27, 2021: Survivor Series discusion, AEW and ROH and more!

MP3 formatNovember 20, 2021: Full Gear Results, WWE Cuts, Survivor Series and more!

MP3 formatNovember 13, 2021: AEW Full Gear PPV is examined, Lynch and Flair issues and WWE Survivor Series!

MP3 formatNovember 06, 2021: We talk AEW, WWE Cuts and More!

MP3 formatOctober 30, 2021: ROH News, WWE PPV Schedule and AEW!

MP3 formatOctober 23, 2021: Crown Jewel results, AEW Saturday Night, Bound for Glory and Charlotte and Becky having a disagreement!

MP3 formatOctober 16, 2021: WWE and AEW Head-to-Head, Crown Jewel and more!

MP3 formatOctober 09, 2021: WWE Draft and Crown Jewel news, AEW news and more!

MP3 formatOctober 02, 2021: AEW and 2CW talk, Brodie Lee tributes galore and more!

MP3 formatSeptember 25, 2021: QT Marshall joins us as AEW comes to Rochester this week!

MP3 formatSeptember 18, 2021: Big E is the man! We talk AEW and NXT 2.0 and more!

MP3 formatSeptember 11, 2021: AEW has quite the week with debuts by Danielson, Cole and Ruby Soho! Big momentum switch in the business!

MP3 formatSeptember 04, 2021: All Out Weekend, Sad Story of Shannon "Daffney Unger" Spruill and more!

MP3 formatAugust 28, 2021: WWE Surprises from Summerslam, CM Punk and more!

MP3 formatAugust 21, 2021: CM Punk is back and we analyze the return, Summerslam and more!

MP3 formatAugust 14, 2021: AEW Rampage debuted, Keith Lee Mystery Solved and Impact makes the news!

MP3 formatAugust 07, 2021: More WWE Cuts, AEW has a new show starting this week and more!

MP3 formatJuly 31, 2021: We start with AEW and pizza and we travel the news and rumors of the world of pro wrestling

MP3 formatJuly 24, 2021: Lots of Debuts and we are on the road again! WWE, AEW News and more!

MP3 formatJuly 17, 2021: We talk MITB, Slammiversary, On the Road Again and more!

MP3 formatJuly 10, 2021: Surprise AEW Debut, Wrestling is back on the Road and more!

MP3 formatJuly 03, 2021:

Wrestling prepares to hit the road, Talk of Cuts in WWE, AEW Back on Wednesday!

MP3 formatJune 26, 2021: When is it too much Hell in the Cell? News, rumors and more!

MP3 formatJune 19, 2021: Hell in the Cell, MMA in AEW and more!

MP3 formatJune 12, 2021: Rough Start but we talked NXT, Impact and more!

MP3 formatJune 05, 2021: WWE Made Major Cuts, AEW Double or Nothing and Wrestlers changing address

MP3 formatMay 29, 2021: Revolving WWE Raw Announcers, AEW PPV and more!

MP3 formatMay 22, 2021: Big AEW News, WWE Zombies and more!

MP3 formatMay 15, 2021: AEW, WWE and more!

MP3 formatMay 08, 2021: Is Daniel Bryan gone from WWE, Blood and Guts and more!

MP3 formatMay 01, 2021: We talk AEW and Impact, Trashbag releases and more!

MP3 formatApril 24, 2021: WWE Biography Discussion, Most Wanted Treasures and more!

MP3 formatApril 17, 2021: What did you think of the 2 Nights of Mania? We break it down!

MP3 formatApril 11, 2021: Wrestlemania Weekend and more!

MP3 formatApril 03, 2021:

Mania Build Up, News about your favorite diva and more!

MP3 formatMarch 27, 2021: WWE Fastlane Results and how that will change Wrestlemania and more

MP3 formatMarch 20, 2021: AEW has a date for Rochester, WWE Fastlane and More

MP3 formatMarch 14, 2021:

We talk AEW Revolution PPV and more!

MP3 formatMarch 07, 2021: Shaq, Lashley and so much more!

MP3 formatFebruary 27, 2021: Big News for AEW and we talk Elimination Chamber and the Cashing in!

MP3 formatFebruary 20, 2021: Busy week of wrestling events and we jump into NXT Vengeance and more

MP3 formatFebruary 13, 2021: Wrestling News, Notes and Observations and oh yeah Oh My Hole

MP3 formatFebruary 06, 2021: On the Road to Wrestlemania after the Royal Rumble

MP3 formatJanuary 30, 2021: Big WWE Network News and its teh Royal Rumble Weekend

MP3 formatJanuary 23, 2021: 2021 Painies!

MP3 formatJanuary 16, 2021: AEW-Impact Crossover, Hard to Kill PPV and the Covid rears its ugly head again

MP3 formatJanuary 09, 2021: More Impact/AEW Crossovers, Legends Night and More

MP3 formatJanuary 02, 2021: Tribute to Jon Huber

MP3 formatDecember 27, 2020: Recorded early Saturday we talk about All the News and Rumors

MP3 formatDecember 19, 2020: We talk WWE TLC, Start with some hockey and so much more!

MP3 formatDecember 12, 2020: WarGames, AEW and more!

MP3 formatDecember 05, 2020: We talk Sting in AEW, at title change and a co-promotional angle with IMPACT and more!

MP3 formatNovember 28, 2020: We review Survivor Series and the retirement of the Undertaker, AEW and Taz and more!

MP3 formatNovember 21, 2020: Survivor Series PPV and Zelina Vega gets release and more

MP3 formatNovember 15, 2020: 22 years we celebrate with a visit by Murph! Plus almost 30 additional minutes at the end

MP3 formatNovember 08, 2020: Lots of news and we break down AEWs Full Gear PPV

MP3 formatOctober 31, 2020: Happy Halloween! We talk about all the news and rumors in the business of professional wrestling!

MP3 formatOctober 24, 2020: PPVs this weekend and Jericho and MJF break out into a song!

MP3 formatOctober 17, 2020: We talk WWE Draft, AEW Anniversary and more!

MP3 formatOctober 10, 2020: We Talk NXT PPV, AEW Dog Collar Match and Anniversary and The Draft

MP3 formatOctober 03, 2020: WWE PPV Talk and AEW Anniversary and more!

MP3 formatSeptember 26, 2020: We talk about Road Warrior Animal passing, Covid-19 and More!

MP3 formatSeptember 19, 2020: We talk about the latest news and rumors! Match-Of-The-Week too!

MP3 formatSeptember 13, 2020: We talk All Out results, WWE says no more cameo and twitch and more

MP3 formatSeptember 05, 2020: Lots of AEW talk, Mysterio Injured and Covid-19 talk about the Rock, AJ Styles and Kevin Nash

MP3 formatAugust 29, 2020: Brodie Lee wins the AEW TNT Championship, Kross wins NXT and reliquishes and news and more!

MP3 formatAugust 23, 2020: We talk Saturday Night Dynamite, WWE NXT Takeover XXX and Summerslam

MP3 formatAugust 15, 2020: We discuss all the news in the world of professional wrestling and more!

MP3 formatAugust 08, 2020: New Changes on Raw and AEW debates world issues and more!

MP3 formatAugust 02, 2020: We examine some of the biggest news in pro wrestling from the past week!

MP3 formatJuly 25, 2020: Cash, Artiste and Danger talk about last weekends PPVs and more!

MP3 formatJuly 18, 2020: It\'s a 2 PPV weekend Impact on Saturday and WWE on Sunday

MP3 formatJuly 11, 2020: Lots of news and talk about the biggest things this week

MP3 formatJuly 04, 2020: Happy July 4th! We talk all the news you can fit in a hour!

MP3 formatJune 27, 2020:

We talk #SpeakingOut and the firestorm from it, COVID-19 rears it\'s ugly head in WWE and a retirement

MP3 formatJune 20, 2020: Backlash over Backlash, injury news and more!

MP3 formatJune 13, 2020: We talk Backlash and Paul Heyman\'s fate in WWE

MP3 formatJune 06, 2020: AEW Rochester News and In Your House PPV and more!

MP3 formatMay 31, 2020: We talk about AEWs Double or Nothing PPV, WWE News and more!

MP3 formatMay 24, 2020: Preview Double or Nothing PPV, Cody Rhodes talks about Rochester and More!

MP3 formatMay 17, 2020: We got 2 hours on the air this week so we talk all pro wrestling!

MP3 formatMay 10, 2020: MITB talk and more!

MP3 formatMay 02, 2020: We talk MITB, WWE for Sale? and a special guest at the tailend of the show

MP3 formatApril 26, 2020: We talk about all things wrestling still airing weekly!

MP3 formatApril 19, 2020: Huge news on releases in the WWE this week and more!

MP3 formatApril 12, 2020:

Mania Review and more!

MP3 formatApril 05, 2020: Wrestlemania Pre-View Show

MP3 formatMarch 29, 2020: We talk AEW, WWE Mania and more

MP3 formatMarch 22, 2020: We talked about the changes to Wrestlemania as well as AEW debuts and more!

MP3 formatMarch 14, 2020: Crazy week in wrestling due to COVID-19

MP3 formatMarch 07, 2020:

We talk Smackdown in Buffalo, AEW PPV and more!

MP3 formatMarch 01, 2020: How did the Wrestlemania card change after SuperShow Down and AEW has a PPV tonight and more!

MP3 formatFebruary 22, 2020: Studio Guests Vinnie Paulino, Dewey Murray and Rob Sweet talking ESW in Rochester

MP3 formatFebruary 16, 2020: Special Guest All Elite Wrestling\'s Vice President Chris Harrington

MP3 formatFebruary 08, 2020: Joined by ECW Original Justin Credible

MP3 formatFebruary 02, 2020: Results and Stories from the Royal Rumble

MP3 formatJanuary 26, 2020: We talk Royal Rumble and AEW is coming to Rochester

MP3 formatJanuary 18, 2020: Cash and Danger talk about the build up to the rumble, big AEW news and more

MP3 formatJanuary 12, 2020: We talk about more returning stars to WWE, AEW and more!

MP3 formatJanuary 05, 2020: Danger and Cash look at all the new years news and more!

MP3 formatDecember 29, 2019: Painies awards time with the Artiste and DC visiting!

MP3 formatDecember 21, 2019: DC visits and time to vote on the 2019 Painies.

MP3 formatDecember 14, 2019: We talk about Luke Harper being set free and much more

MP3 formatDecember 08, 2019: Ferbie and the Cashman cover all the news and more from the past week!

MP3 formatDecember 01, 2019: Survivor Series Fall Out, AEW and NXT head to head and more

MP3 formatNovember 24, 2019: Surviver Series and TakeOver previewed and more

MP3 formatNovember 17, 2019:

We talk a ton of news from all pro wrestling!

MP3 formatNovember 09, 2019: We talked AEW and WWE, the Wednesday head to head numbers and took your calls

MP3 formatNovember 02, 2019: Smackdown in Buffalo or was that NXT Takeover, WWE Crown Jewel and more

MP3 formatOctober 26, 2019: Wrestling wars are heating up! News and rumors and calls!

MP3 formatOctober 19, 2019:

WWE is Rochester this week. We talk AEW, WWE and more!

MP3 formatOctober 12, 2019: We talk about AEW and NXT running head to head and more

MP3 formatOctober 05, 2019: Hstoric week in pro wrestling and we talk about all of it!

MP3 formatSeptember 29, 2019:

We look at the coming historic week in the world of pro wrestling

MP3 formatSeptember 23, 2019: We talk NXT debut on USA and Harper is back

MP3 formatSeptember 14, 2019: Big show in town tonight and we have 3 wrestlers join us in the studio!

MP3 formatSeptember 08, 2019: What did you think of AEW? Was the Bubbley that good Jericho? And more news!

MP3 formatAugust 31, 2019: We start the show with some local news from the Buffalo Bills and then talked Starcast and AEWs PPV

MP3 formatAugust 25, 2019:

News on NXT making a major move, Moxley injured and more

MP3 formatAugust 19, 2019: We talk about Summerslam, The Fiend and more

MP3 formatAugust 11, 2019: NXT was in town last night and Summerslam

MP3 formatAugust 04, 2019: Summerslam talk, AEW sells out and more!

MP3 formatJuly 27, 2019: Special Guest ROH\'s Dalton Castle

MP3 formatJuly 20, 2019: Guests Tyger Smith, Mr. Perez, the initial official HC Loc and the Artiste

MP3 formatJuly 16, 2019: We talk Extreme Rules PPV and AEW Fyter Fest and more

MP3 formatJuly 06, 2019: WWE news, AEW news and NJPW news and more

MP3 formatJuly 01, 2019: Big news about additions to WWE and new executive producers announced

MP3 formatJune 25, 2019: Danger, Eric, Brian and JZ take you through the wek of news

MP3 formatJune 16, 2019: We talk injuries and different styles of work in WWE and NJPW

MP3 formatJune 08, 2019: Supershow Down and more

MP3 formatJune 01, 2019: We say so long to DC but not goodbye as he moves to NC!

MP3 formatMay 27, 2019: What happened at MITB? Find out and more!

MP3 formatMay 19, 2019: MITB weekend and more!

MP3 formatMay 12, 2019: Lots of news and rumors, Pain Clinic has a host leaving and more

MP3 formatMay 06, 2019: Danny, Mad Dog and Eric Emanon take you through the past week of pro wrestling

MP3 formatApril 28, 2019: We are joined by Brother Wease producer Billy D\'Ettorre!

MP3 formatApril 20, 2019: We talked Luke Harper news and more!

MP3 formatApril 18, 2019: Special Guest Hacksaw Jim Duggan

MP3 formatApril 06, 2019: 2 Hour Wrestlemania Extravaganza

MP3 formatMarch 31, 2019: Special studio visit and lots of Wrestmania Talk!

MP3 formatMarch 23, 2019: The rush to set the Wrestlemania Card and more

MP3 formatMarch 18, 2019: Fastlane fall out and the road to Wrestlemania

MP3 formatMarch 10, 2019: WWE is in Rochester and we have Baron Corbin

MP3 formatMarch 03, 2019: Cash and Danger talk about WWE creative changes and more!

MP3 formatFebruary 23, 2019: Artisite visits and we talk NXT getting a look at on Raw and Smackdown

MP3 formatFebruary 17, 2019: We talk the Elimination Chamber event and more

MP3 formatFebruary 10, 2019: We talk AEW and WWE and current storyline snafus

MP3 formatFebruary 03, 2019: On the road to Wrestlemania

MP3 formatJanuary 27, 2019: Royal Rumble Baby

MP3 formatJanuary 20, 2019: Lots of WWE news and some surprises on people seeking to leave the E

MP3 formatJanuary 13, 2019: It\'s the 2019 Painies

MP3 formatJanuary 05, 2019: Happy 2019! We talk anout Wrestle Kingdom 13 and Mean Genes passing

MP3 formatDecember 29, 2018: Our last show of 2018 news and rumors and more

MP3 formatDecember 22, 2018: Podcast only show with a return to studio by the Artiste

MP3 formatDecember 17, 2018: Double B and Cash talk all the news in the world of pro wrestling!

MP3 formatDecember 09, 2018: We talk lots of news and WWE has a return date to Rochester

MP3 formatDecember 02, 2018: UPWs Defiance joins us to promote a show and news and rumors

MP3 formatNovember 25, 2018: 20 years and 1 week in. We talk news and rumors

MP3 formatNovember 17, 2018: 20th Anniversary Show with special guests and a surprise call from Luke Harper

MP3 formatNovember 11, 2018: ROHs Dalton Castle and more

MP3 formatNovember 04, 2018: Danger and Cash talk Evolution and Crown Jewel

MP3 formatOctober 29, 2018:

We talk Reigns situation, Evolution and Crown Jewel

MP3 formatOctober 20, 2018: We talk about the Evolution PPV and more!

MP3 formatOctober 14, 2018: We talk all the news ansd the WWE Saudi controversy

MP3 formatOctober 07, 2018: Cash and Danger discuss Super Show Down and more

MP3 formatSeptember 29, 2018: We talk about WWE woes in the ratings, Yes Kick going wrong and more

MP3 formatSeptember 24, 2018: DC and Cash talk Hell in the Cell and more!

MP3 formatSeptember 16, 2018: Former WWE Superstar Jack Swagger

MP3 formatSeptember 08, 2018: We talk All In, NXT in Buffalo, HBK and more

MP3 formatSeptember 03, 2018: Labor Day edition. WWE Live event talk and more.

MP3 formatAugust 26, 2018: Luke Harper makes an appearance and more

MP3 formatAugust 18, 2018: Summerslam and NXT Preview

MP3 formatAugust 12, 2018: Cash and Danger talk about All In, ROH and WWE Summerslam

MP3 formatAugust 04, 2018: Lots of news and could Reigns be FINALLY getting over?

MP3 formatJuly 28, 2018: Cash and Brian are joined by Wease Show\'s Pauly!

MP3 formatJuly 21, 2018: We start with Derby and talk Extreme Rulez and more

MP3 formatJuly 15, 2018: Cash and Danger talk all the news and WWE Exteme Rules PPV

MP3 formatJuly 08, 2018: Artiste visits and more!

MP3 formatJuly 02, 2018: Bruce Pritchard joins us as we rememeber Matt Cappotelli

MP3 formatJune 25, 2018: MITB results and more!

MP3 formatJune 16, 2018: MITB talk and more!

MP3 formatJune 09, 2018: Jake the Snake Roberts joins us

MP3 formatJune 02, 2018: We talk MITB and more

MP3 formatMay 26, 2018: Happy Memorial Day weekend! Smackdown finds a home and more.

MP3 formatMay 20, 2018: We talk news and rumors and we are Cash free

MP3 formatMay 14, 2018: WE talked news and rumors

MP3 formatMay 06, 2018: Lots of news and Backlash is Sunday!

MP3 formatApril 28, 2018: World\'s Greatest Royal Rumble was talked about. News and rumors.

MP3 formatApril 21, 2018: WWE Superstar Shakeup examined and graded

MP3 formatApril 14, 2018:

We talk about Wrestlemania and NXT Takeover

MP3 formatApril 07, 2018: Our Wrestlemania 34 Extravaganza

MP3 formatApril 02, 2018:

Roller Derby starts the show Jeff Jarrett ends it

MP3 formatMarch 24, 2018: WWEs Harper is guest

MP3 formatMarch 18, 2018: Guest Jimmy Jacobs

MP3 formatMarch 10, 2018: We talk Fastlane and the build up to Mania

MP3 formatMarch 03, 2018:

Elimination Chamber talk, special Luke Harper from Brother Wease show interview

MP3 formatFebruary 24, 2018: Special Guest Jimmy Hart

MP3 formatFebruary 17, 2018: Special Guest Al Snow

MP3 formatFebruary 10, 2018: Busy show. Joined by UPW Heavyweight Champion \"The Captain\" Nick Ando and more!

MP3 formatFebruary 03, 2018: Rumble fall out and the road to Wrestlemania starts

MP3 formatJanuary 27, 2018: Royal Rumble Extravaganza!

MP3 formatJanuary 20, 2018: We talk Raws 25th Anniversary Show and joined in the studio by the Indy Card Mafia

MP3 formatJanuary 13, 2018: The Painies and guest Colin Delaney

MP3 formatJanuary 06, 2018: Happy 2018! We have a few returning hosts and we talk all the news!

MP3 formatDecember 30, 2017: Saying goodbye to 2017 with lots of news and wrestling talk!

MP3 formatDecember 17, 2017: We talk about what a great week it was for Rochester wrestlers and Clash of the Champions.

MP3 formatDecember 09, 2017: Joined by UPW Tag Team Champions Maximo Suave and Chris Cayden

MP3 formatDecember 02, 2017: We talk about the new infusion of women talent into Raw and Smackdown and more!

MP3 formatNovember 25, 2017:

Happy small business Saturday. Lots of WWE NXT Takeover thoughts and Survivor Series PPV too.

MP3 formatNovember 18, 2017: WWE Survivor Series and NXT War Games are the topic of today.

MP3 formatNovember 11, 2017: We are joined by JC Money and Eric Emanon today.

MP3 formatNovember 06, 2017: WWE cuts, News and Rumors addressed and more!

MP3 formatOctober 28, 2017:

We talk about TLC and Survivor Series, some news and calls!

MP3 formatOctober 21, 2017:

Last minute iimprovements for WWEs TLC PPV and so much more!

MP3 formatOctober 14, 2017: Cash and a couple mystery guests talk ROH Global Wars, Hell in the Cell and more.

MP3 formatOctober 07, 2017: Danger and Cash look at Hell in the Cell and the build up.

MP3 formatSeptember 30, 2017: Start the show with Boxer Livingstone Bramble and wrestling talk.

MP3 formatSeptember 23, 2017: Guest Chris Jericho

MP3 formatSeptember 19, 2017: Interview with Bobby Heenan from April 28th 2001

MP3 formatSeptember 16, 2017: We talk Vince McMahon\'s return and the impact of it!

MP3 formatSeptember 09, 2017: We talk about NXT in town this past week and more news.

MP3 formatSeptember 02, 2017: We talked about the Cena Reigns conforntation on Raw, the fight of the century and NXT in town this week.

MP3 formatAugust 26, 2017: Special Guest WWE Hall of Famer Ivan Putski

MP3 formatAugust 22, 2017:

It\'s Summerslam Weekend!

MP3 formatAugust 12, 2017: Talk ranges from meeting a WWE Hall of Famer to the McGregor and Mayweather fight

MP3 formatAugust 05, 2017: Lots of talk about Summerslam and news and rumors.

MP3 formatJuly 29, 2017: Battleground fall out and news and rumors

MP3 formatJuly 22, 2017: News and more News and a couple shows coming to Rochester!

MP3 formatJuly 15, 2017: Special Guest WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas

MP3 formatJuly 08, 2017: Artiste joins Double B and Cash as they talk about the world of pro wrestling

MP3 formatJuly 01, 2017: Independance Weekend and we talk wrestling!

MP3 formatJune 24, 2017: It\'s DC and Double B and you! Talking news and rumors.

MP3 formatJune 18, 2017: Money in the Bank PPV is previewed and other news and rumors discussed

MP3 formatJune 10, 2017: Smackdown in Rochester discussed and Extreme Rules PPV

MP3 formatJune 03, 2017: We start with Hater Tot from Roc City Roller Derby and Crimson Al-Khemia wrestler announcor from RI. we talk Extreme Rules too

MP3 formatMay 27, 2017: Special Guest former WWE Ring Annoucner Justin Roberts

MP3 formatMay 20, 2017: Special Guest Jerry \"The King\" Lawler

MP3 formatMay 13, 2017:

We are joined by Roc City Roler Dery skaters then we talk about the news and rumors of wrestling

MP3 formatMay 07, 2017: We talked Payback in detail and the future ramifications

MP3 formatMay 01, 2017: We talk Payback PPV and take your calls

MP3 formatApril 22, 2017: We talk about Jinder getting the title shot and Dean Ambrose and more!

MP3 formatApril 15, 2017:

We discuss the Superstar Shakeup

MP3 formatApril 08, 2017: Wrestlemania 33 Fallout

MP3 formatApril 01, 2017: 2 Hour NXT and Wrestlemania 33 preview

MP3 formatMarch 26, 2017: IWF in the house! We talk News and Rumors!

MP3 formatMarch 18, 2017:

Start off joined by Hater Tot, D-Day and Rampaige from Roc City Roller Derby then wrestling talk.

MP3 formatMarch 13, 2017: The Wrestlemania card looks to be set, what do you think?

MP3 formatMarch 04, 2017: We talk TNA and WWE news. This weekend is the Fastlane PPV.

MP3 formatFebruary 26, 2017: Let the Wrestlemania theories and rumors begin!

MP3 formatFebruary 18, 2017: We discuss George The Animal Steele, Ivan Koloff, Nicole Bass and Chavo Guerrero Sr passing

MP3 formatFebruary 11, 2017: Elimination Chamber is this weekend. How do things fall out concerning Wrestlemania?

MP3 formatFebruary 04, 2017: Results Responses and Reactions to the Royal Rumble

MP3 formatJanuary 28, 2017: Royal Rumble Preview and more!

MP3 formatJanuary 22, 2017:

Lots of news, we talk about Jimmy Snuka passing, Kurt Angle headed for the H-O-F and more.

MP3 formatJanuary 14, 2017: The 2017 Painies!

MP3 formatJanuary 07, 2017: News and Rumors and your calls as we start out 2017

MP3 formatJanuary 02, 2017: We look at 2016 and take your calls

MP3 formatDecember 24, 2016: Jeff Hardy on this Christmas Eve!

MP3 formatDecember 17, 2016: WWE Live Event talk and Caesaro talks

MP3 formatDecember 10, 2016: Joined by TNAs Jeremy Borash plus news and rumors and calls!

MP3 formatDecember 03, 2016: TLC this weekend, breaking news and your calls!

MP3 formatNovember 27, 2016: Survivor Series and NXT Takeover fallout

MP3 formatNovember 19, 2016:

We talk about NXT Takeover in Toronto and Survivor Series

MP3 formatNovember 12, 2016:

Celebrating 18 years on the radio talking pro wrestling!

MP3 formatNovember 05, 2016: Post Hell in the Cell fallout, TNA ownership news and more

MP3 formatOctober 29, 2016: Hell in the Cell PPV is this weekend, Goldberg not going over in Minnesota and more.

MP3 formatOctober 24, 2016: Pro Wrestling news catch up show!

MP3 formatOctober 15, 2016: Guest Alberto \"Patrone\" aka former WWE Superstar Albert Del Rio

MP3 formatOctober 08, 2016: Guest Campbell McLaren UFC Founder and prowrestling news and rumors

MP3 formatOctober 01, 2016: We talked all the wrestling news possible in our alloted time

MP3 formatSeptember 25, 2016: Guest Mike Tyson

MP3 formatSeptember 18, 2016: Joined by boxer Michael Spinks and ROHs Dalton Castle

MP3 formatSeptember 10, 2016:

CM Punk debutes on UFC 203 and we talk WWE Backlash and TNA Delete or Decay

MP3 formatSeptember 03, 2016: Talked about Kevin Owens title win and build up to the Backlash PPV

MP3 formatAugust 29, 2016: Marc Hauss and the Artriste drop by today

MP3 formatAugust 20, 2016: Start with Derby Skaters then Glover Texiera and Summerslam talk

MP3 formatAugust 13, 2016: Guest Jake The Snake Roberts and WWE and TNA news

MP3 formatAugust 06, 2016: Instudio guests Dan The Beast Severn and Marc Hauss

MP3 formatJuly 30, 2016: Brands are set now. Thoughts on each show. Lesnar not required to drug test? Your calls!

MP3 formatJuly 24, 2016: We talk Battleground PPV and the WWE Draft

MP3 formatJuly 16, 2016: Special Guest Eric Bischoff talks about coming to Buffalo next weekend, his son Garrett and Hulk Hogan and more

MP3 formatJuly 09, 2016:

We all decided to #beatjohncenaup this weekend and so much more

MP3 formatJuly 02, 2016: Talk about the shaming of Reigns. Also TNAs Final Deletion and more!

MP3 formatJune 25, 2016: Huge WWE suspension and Ambrose is the champ!

MP3 formatJune 20, 2016: Special Guest The Honky Tonk Man

MP3 formatJune 11, 2016: We talk about Lesnar going back to UFC, NXT and Cena verus Styles

MP3 formatJune 04, 2016: We start with roller derby talk with 2 birthday girls then we talk about the Club and AJs turn and more brand split discussion

MP3 formatMay 28, 2016: Brand split is discussed, the return of Rollins and more.

MP3 formatMay 21, 2016:

We talked about WWEs Exteme Rules PPV and more news and rumors

MP3 formatMay 14, 2016: WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Hart joins us!

MP3 formatMay 07, 2016:

Started with Roc City Derby Girls, then talked the WWE cuts and more changes

MP3 formatMay 01, 2016: We talk Payback and the predicted fallout

MP3 formatApril 23, 2016: Special Guests The Nasty Boys and RIP Joanie \"Chyna\" Lauer

MP3 formatApril 16, 2016: Guest former WWE Superstar Mason Ryan

MP3 formatApril 09, 2016: Wrestlemania 32 wrap up

MP3 formatApril 02, 2016: 2 Hours of Wrestlemania 32 Talk plus NXT Takeover talk and rumors and more!

MP3 formatMarch 26, 2016: We talk about the approaching Mania 32 and TNA loses a couple originals.

MP3 formatMarch 19, 2016: We start with promoting Roller Derby with 3 skaters and then we argue the merits of Mania!

MP3 formatMarch 12, 2016: We talked Road Block and thoughts on how this affects Mania.

MP3 formatMarch 05, 2016: WWE Hall of Fame announcer Jim Ross joins us, more Mania conjecture!

MP3 formatFebruary 27, 2016:

We talk Shane OMac, Mania setup and IWF Promoter Ron Falco and his son Jordan joined us.

MP3 formatFebruary 22, 2016: Life in the Fastlane PPV! Lots of calls too!

MP3 formatFebruary 13, 2016: Daniel Bryans retirement, AJ Styles and WWEs Fastlane PPV is becoming important

MP3 formatFebruary 06, 2016: We are joined by Pauly G. from the Wease Show. We talk Wrestlemania set up.

MP3 formatJanuary 30, 2016: Guests Hacksaw Jim Duggan and UFCs Chris Weidman and Royal Rumble fallout

MP3 formatJanuary 23, 2016: Lots of Rumble Talk, everyone has an opinion and we took calls

MP3 formatJanuary 16, 2016: A new contest, Royal Rumble speculation and your calls

MP3 formatJanuary 09, 2016: Injury News rears its ugly head again and a full hour of calls

MP3 formatJanuary 02, 2016: Former WWE Superstar Colin Delaney and Marc Hauss and the Painies!

MP3 formatDecember 26, 2015: Boxing Day show with Rob Sanderson making a visit!

MP3 formatDecember 19, 2015: Talking about the new WWE Champion and more!

MP3 formatDecember 12, 2015: Guest Luke Rockhold and 2CWs Josh Jeanneret and WWE TLC talk

MP3 formatDecember 05, 2015: Special Guest Brad Maddox plus lots of talk!

MP3 formatNovember 28, 2015: Survivor Series results and the huge swerve and, where do we go from here!

MP3 formatNovember 21, 2015: Survivor Series predictions and your calls

MP3 formatNovember 14, 2015: Celebrating 17 years on the air today talking pro wrestling!

MP3 formatNovember 07, 2015: A huge injury steers the WWE and more!

MP3 formatOctober 31, 2015: Halloween show and we talk the returnn of Del Rio, news and your calls.

MP3 formatOctober 24, 2015: TNA\'s Jeremy Borash joins us, plus we talk WWE Hell In A Cell PPV and more

MP3 formatOctober 17, 2015: We talk about the latest news on WWE, TNA, NXT and more

MP3 formatOctober 10, 2015: We talk WWE MSG Show, NXT and TNA Bound For Glory Results

MP3 formatOctober 03, 2015: Lots of news plus WWE LIve Event calls, TNA Bound for Glory PPV and more

MP3 formatSeptember 27, 2015: WWE is in town! That and news and more!

MP3 formatSeptember 19, 2015: Building up to Night of Champions, TNA vs GFW and more

MP3 formatSeptember 12, 2015: We talk Night of Champions, Injury report and more tickets to 9-26 WWE Live Show in Rochester

MP3 formatSeptember 05, 2015:

Lots of WWE and TNA legal, UFCs Flyweight Champion Demetrious Johnson news plus tickets to WWE Live Event September 26 in Rochester

MP3 formatAugust 29, 2015:

We say goodbye to The Artiste and more

MP3 formatAugust 22, 2015: DC Dan Cole hosts and its a giant Summerlam Preview!

MP3 formatAugust 15, 2015:

We talk build up for Summerslam, where do we go from here after the PPV and more

MP3 formatAugust 08, 2015: TNA Wrestler Eric Young and Tony Schiavone thoughts on Roddy Piper

MP3 formatAugust 01, 2015: Roddy Piper tribute show

MP3 formatJuly 25, 2015: Guest Jake The Snake Roberts plugs a local appearance and talks WWE HOF and Hulk Hogan and his news

MP3 formatJuly 18, 2015: We talk NXT call ups, TNA issues and WWE and ROH news

MP3 formatJuly 11, 2015: We talk TNA, WWE, ROH and NXT plus a little hockey and Tough Enoug and Totally Divas.

MP3 formatJuly 04, 2015: TNA and GFW star Magnus aka Nick Aldis joins us.

MP3 formatJune 27, 2015: TNA Slammiversary News and WWE News and Rumors

MP3 formatJune 20, 2015: Start off talking about Ken Shamrock and Bobby Lashley in Bellator and ROH and more.

MP3 formatJune 13, 2015: We talk roller derby and the passing of Dusty Rhodes

MP3 formatJune 07, 2015: We talk Kevin Owens and his impact, Elimination Chamber and more

MP3 formatMay 31, 2015: Huge ROH and TNA News and WWE The Elimination Chamber Show and we dont mean the mens room

MP3 formatMay 23, 2015: UFC\'s Vitor Belfort joins us, WWE, NXT and TNA news.

MP3 formatMay 16, 2015: Derby first then WWE Payback PPV news and TNA and ROH news.

MP3 formatMay 10, 2015: We talk WWE injuries and the E:60 ESPN Show on NXT

MP3 formatMay 02, 2015: Special Guests Boxers former Heavyweight Champ John Ruiz and Robert Push Up Frazier and news and rumors

MP3 formatApril 25, 2015: WWE Hall of Fame Announcer Booket T and news and rumors and UFC 186 preview

MP3 formatApril 18, 2015: Roc City Roller Derby, Brute VanSlyke and Chris Mookie Harrington and Wrestlenomics

MP3 formatApril 11, 2015: Special Guest TNA\'s Jeremy Borash

MP3 formatApril 04, 2015: Our 2 Hour Wrestlemania 31 Recap! Lots of news and views and calls!

MP3 formatMarch 28, 2015: WWE Hall Of Famers Greg \"The Hammer\" Valentine, Tito Santana and The Birdman Koko B. Ware join us in the studio today

MP3 formatMarch 21, 2015:

Start with Roller Derby then big announcement for next week then Wrestlemania talk!

MP3 formatMarch 14, 2015:

We talk Wrestlemania 31 buildup. You on the Reigns bandwagon yet?

MP3 formatMarch 07, 2015: This week we talk about the WWE stop in Rochester, we take calls and more!

MP3 formatFebruary 28, 2015: WWE Superstar Wade Barrett joins us to promote WWE\'s Live Event Friday March 6th at the Blue Cross Arena.

MP3 formatFebruary 25, 2015: We breakdown the WWE Fastlane PPV at our sponsors Salvatores!

MP3 formatFebruary 21, 2015: Shawn Michael joins us to promote his new book, lots of news and calls

MP3 formatFebruary 14, 2015: Valentine\'s Day with the guy! NXT amd Impact discussed

MP3 formatFebruary 07, 2015: We discuss the HHH shoot interview with Steve Austin, Wrestlemania and more calls

MP3 formatFebruary 01, 2015: Royal Rumble fall out and news and rumors

MP3 formatJanuary 24, 2015: Royal Rumble Predictions, Raw Reunion thoughts and more

MP3 formatJanuary 17, 2015: We discuss the Royal Rumble, Daniel Bryans return, Impact on Destination America and calls

MP3 formatJanuary 10, 2015: We talk TNA Impact, The Ascension, WWE Announcer News and More

MP3 formatJanuary 03, 2015: Happy New Years. Lots of WWE, TNA, GFW news and more!

MP3 formatDecember 27, 2014: The Painies for 2014 are awarded!

MP3 formatDecember 20, 2014: Weeks news and rumors and WWEs return to Rochester

MP3 formatDecember 13, 2014:

We talk about CM Punks signing with UFC, NXT R Evolution and more

MP3 formatDecember 06, 2014: TNAs Jeremy Borash and UFCs Robbie Lawler and more

MP3 formatNovember 29, 2014: We talk about the CM Punk Monologues and TNA and WWE News and Rumors

MP3 formatNovember 22, 2014: We talk Survivor Series PPV, a new Intercontinental Champion and lots of news!

MP3 formatNovember 15, 2014: Luke Harper joins the Authority for Survivor Series and more news and rumors

MP3 formatNovember 08, 2014: Captain Nick Ando joins us promoting UPW\'s November2Dismember show, news and rumors

MP3 formatNovember 01, 2014: Hell In the Cell talk, TNA has a new Champion, WWE in our area this weekend.

MP3 formatOctober 25, 2014: Hell In the Cell Preview and news and more

MP3 formatOctober 18, 2014: Studio Guest Big Cat Lemmer, the RKO explosion and more!

MP3 formatOctober 11, 2014: TNAs Rockstar Spud and Roc City Roller Derby ladies!

MP3 formatOctober 04, 2014: Special Guest Chris Jericho and news and rumors!

MP3 formatSeptember 27, 2014: Today we talked Night of Champions Results, TNA and a new home and more news

MP3 formatSeptember 21, 2014:

Night Of Champions Preview and TNA and WWE news and rumors

MP3 formatSeptember 13, 2014: NXT Take Over 2 and Totally Divas discuss and some wrestling talk

MP3 formatSeptember 06, 2014: TNA Champion Bobby Lashley talks about his Bellator victory and WWE and TNA News.

MP3 formatAugust 30, 2014:

Lots of WWE and TNA News and UFCs Uriah Faber too!

MP3 formatAugust 23, 2014:

Special Guest WWE Hall Of Famer Tito Santana and also joining us the Kenny Casanova and Ugandan Giant Kamala

MP3 formatAugust 16, 2014: 2 Hours of WWE Summerslam and TNA talk

MP3 formatAugust 09, 2014:

We talk about the firing of Albert Del Rio and news from WWE, TNA and more!

MP3 formatAugust 02, 2014:

Special Guest Tommy Dreamer. Big WWE and TNA news!

MP3 formatJuly 26, 2014: WWE Hall Of Famer Mick Foley joins us to promote a couple comedy gigs in the area and news and rumors.

MP3 formatJuly 20, 2014:

We start with some derby talk, we are joined by Pier 6 Champions in the studio and WWE and TNA news and calls

MP3 formatJuly 12, 2014: We talk WWE, Lebron and Divas and take calls

MP3 formatJuly 06, 2014: Happy July 4th Weekend! We talk everything relevant in the world of professional wrestling!

MP3 formatJune 28, 2014:

Steve Austin joins us to promote the Broken Skull Challenge reality show on CMT Sunday July 6th at 8p and Bill Goldberg is in town and came on to promote Legends of Wrestling Show at Brauns in Akron NY

MP3 formatJune 21, 2014: Lots of WWE and TNA news

MP3 formatJune 15, 2014:

Roc City Roller Derby and WWE News and Rumors, Theories on Bryans Return and More

MP3 formatJune 07, 2014: Indy wrestler Jay Freddie, Sheild break-up and more

MP3 formatMay 31, 2014: Special Guest B. Brian Blair and Payback Pay-Per-View talk

MP3 formatMay 24, 2014: We discuss Daniel Bryans surgery, Wyatt Family and how to solve the injured champ problem

MP3 formatMay 18, 2014:

In Studio Guests boxers Ray Mercer, Peter Manfredo Jr., Al Cole and wrestling talk

MP3 formatMay 10, 2014: Jeff Jarrett and Roc City Roller Derby Guests

MP3 formatMay 03, 2014: Chris Jericho and Wade Bad News Barrett

MP3 formatApril 26, 2014: WWE is in Rochester this week and more!

MP3 formatApril 19, 2014: We talk Legends House, Evolution regrouping, Wrestlemania 30 numbers and more.

MP3 formatApril 12, 2014:

Diamond Dallas Page, Roller Derby, Wrestlemania XXX, Warrior, The Streak Ending

MP3 formatApril 05, 2014: 2 Hour Wrestlemania XXX preview

MP3 formatMarch 29, 2014: We talk about Wrestlemania 30s under card and mid card.

MP3 formatMarch 22, 2014: Roc City Roller Derby ladies, TNAs Rob Terry and Pier 6 Wrestling Champion Super Beast

MP3 formatMarch 15, 2014:

We talk the WWE behind the Yes Movement. Ken Shamrock joins us. Wrestlemania 30 match ups discussed

MP3 formatMarch 08, 2014:

TNAs Jeremy Borash, World Champions Magnus and Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky

MP3 formatMarch 01, 2014: We talk the debut of the WWE Network. We talk about the return of the Undertaker. Wrestlemania XXX and more.

MP3 formatFebruary 22, 2014: AJ Styles joins us to talk about his split with TNA, working with ROH and possibilities of the future. We talk all things WWE.

MP3 formatFebruary 15, 2014:

Due to the USA beating Russia in Olympic Hockey a short show Topics discuss Betty White, Daniel Bryan, Raw Feb 24th

MP3 formatFebruary 08, 2014: Former Ring of Honor tag team Ring Crew Express join us in the studio to talk about reuniting for a show in town. We talk about the stars that ROH made in WWE and TNA.

MP3 formatFebruary 01, 2014: We talk about CM Punk leaving WWE. We talk Daniel Bryan and how his fans hijacked the Royal Rumble. TNA\'s new investor and we take your calls.

MP3 formatJanuary 25, 2014:

We talk about the Pier 6 show Back in the Saddle 2 in Rochester Sunday! We talk Royal Rumble! and Wrestlemania 30 news.

MP3 formatJanuary 18, 2014: We talk about the 1st WWE Hall of Fame Announcement. We talk WMXXX build up.

MP3 formatJanuary 11, 2014: We talk the WWE Network and how it works. Mick Foley joins us for the 2nd week to talk about his show and more.

MP3 formatJanuary 04, 2014:

We talk Daniel Bryan joining the Wyatt Family. AJ Styles future. WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley joins us to talk about his Rochester appearance January 10 & 11.

MP3 formatDecember 28, 2013:

This week we talk Wrestlemania 30 hype. We talk about big changes in TNA. We talk about our wishes for 2014.

MP3 formatDecember 21, 2013: We talk WWEs TLC PPV and how it wasnt what we hoped it to be. Monday Night Raw and TNAs Impact Wrestling were talked about. Gary Mervis joins us in the 2nd hour.

MP3 formatDecember 14, 2013:

We start talking Roller Derby with the Roc City Roller Derby ladies. Next up was WWE and TLC PPV set up from Monday Night Raw. Lots of theories bantered about on what will happen.

MP3 formatDecember 08, 2013: We start out talking about WWEs TLC PPV then transitioned into the de-pushing of Daniel Bryan. The explosion of ex-wrestlers podcasts appearring was discussed and Dixie Carters evolution into Vickie Guerrero

MP3 formatDecember 03, 2013: A special Cage Clinic episode with UFCs Pat Barry and Ryan Bader promoting UFC Hunt vs Bigfoot

MP3 formatNovember 30, 2013:

we talk WWE Survivor Series. Luke Harper sightings around Rochester. WWE TLC to crown one champion?

MP3 formatNovember 23, 2013:

In studio guest Jimmy Snuka talks about his career and remembers some great rivalries!

MP3 formatNovember 17, 2013: We talk Survivor Series and possible The Sheild vs. The Wyatt Family and more. We discuss Wrestlemania XXX and tickets are on sale right now. Roller Derby makes a stop in too!

MP3 formatNovember 09, 2013:

We start by pimping our bro WWEs Luke Harper. We talk about whats happening in TNA and why the recent changes and your calls.

MP3 formatNovember 02, 2013: We talk about the future of Money in the Bank, HBK in the ring and the Wyatt elevation

MP3 formatOctober 26, 2013: We talked about HHH calling out guys in a promo. TNAs Bound for Glory fall out and news and rumors.

MP3 formatOctober 19, 2013:

Start the show talking a little more about WWEs stop in Rochester. TNAs Jeremy Borash joins us to talk TNAs Bound for Glory PPV. Lots of text questions and calls follow with news and rumors discussed.

MP3 formatOctober 12, 2013:

Roc City Roller Derbys Seana The Dead joins us early. We talk WWE House show from last Saturday. TNAs Bully Ray joins us to promote TNA\'s Bound for Glory PPV!

MP3 formatOctober 05, 2013:

WWE Superstar Fandango joins us for a fun interview as WWE in in Rochester tonight and in Buffalo tomorrow for WWEs Battleground PPV.

MP3 formatSeptember 28, 2013:

We start the show talking about the WWE Battleground Pay Per View from Buffalo and the build up. The WWE is in Rochester a week from today and we talk about that. Mickie James joins us to promote the Hammertown Comic Con next week!

MP3 formatSeptember 21, 2013:

The show starts with WWE Superstar Santino Marella joining us to talk about his new MMA/Pro wrestling training school called Battle Arts Academy in Toronto. Next up was TNA star Zema Ion. He talked about wrestling in town. The match with Jesse Sorenson and his appendix almost burst.

MP3 formatSeptember 14, 2013:

Start the show with Roc Ciy Roller Derby ladies and they join us in the studio. We then talk about JR retiring from WWE. WWE Pay Per View Night of Champions is this weekend. TNA talk and more!

MP3 formatSeptember 07, 2013:

Almost the entire cast is present today! We talk WWE, TNA and a deep discussion about WWE NXT and how that works and who gets the credit for developing it.

MP3 formatAugust 31, 2013: Talk of the WWE started the show, quickly we addressed AJ Styles tenure in TNA. We took calls and had a great Labor Day weekend show!

MP3 formatAugust 25, 2013:

We start the show with Jimmy Snuka. Hes in our town doing an autograph signing. We talked about John Cenas injury. Next up newly elected WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley. He\'s stopping in Buffalo for his \"Tales from Wreslings Past\" show.

MP3 formatAugust 19, 2013: Celebrating 18 years on the radio talking pro wrestling!

MP3 formatAugust 17, 2013: We talk about Darren Young and his annoucement. All the Summerslam PPV\'s possible results. TNA moves their title back to Bully and your calls!

MP3 formatAugust 10, 2013: We talk about WWE returning to Rochester. We look a Vince McMahons inability to say the initials WWE. Summerslam PPV was discussed and your calls.

MP3 formatAugust 03, 2013:

We are joined from he getgo by Tough Enough 3 winner Matt Cappotelli. He catches us up on himself and more. TV and Movie Star Judah Friedlander is in town for a comedy gig and he came on and talked about his part in The Wrestler as well as his love for pro wrestling and more!

MP3 formatJuly 27, 2013: We talk TNAs title change. The Wyatts debut as wrestlers and squash Tons of Funk. We take calls. Tommy Dreamer joins us.

MP3 formatJuly 20, 2013:

We talked about the surprise results of WWEs Money in the Bank, TNAs Destination X Spike TV show and your calls

MP3 formatJuly 13, 2013:

The Wyatt Family debuts and we break it down. Amanda joins us and talks about being there for the debut in Baltimore as well as NXT in Tampa. We talk about the bizarre world of pro wrestling!

MP3 formatJuly 06, 2013:

This week we talk the Wyatt Familys debut and our connection with them. UFCs Matt Serra promotes UFC 162 and news and your call!

MP3 formatJune 29, 2013:

Doink the Clown and Jackie Fargos passing are discussed. We talk about all the news and rumors going around!  Plus calls from you, the listeners!

MP3 formatJune 22, 2013:

We talk about CM Punks return to the active roster. The heel turn by Del Rio and face move by Ziggler. Bray Wyatt and his family are on the verge of joining WWE and we discuss how they will be coming in. We talk about TNAs Bound For Glory tournament and more!

MP3 formatJune 15, 2013:

Roc City Roller Derby girls join the show to start. We talk about the latest news in the WWE and TNA. And of course your call!

MP3 formatJune 08, 2013:

This week we talk about Bray Wyatt and his family joining WWE programming. WWE Hall Of Famer Mick Foley joins us to promote the Niagara Falls Comic-con and his show at the Syracuse Funny Bone

MP3 formatJune 01, 2013:

This week we promoted the Niagara Falls Comic Con with Nasty Boy Jerry Sags. TNAs Joseph Parks came on to promote TNAs Slammiversary Pay Per View

MP3 formatMay 25, 2013:

We talk about WWEs NXT Developmental. The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase talks about coming to the Niagara Falls Comic Con and more!

MP3 formatMay 18, 2013: Former ECW and WWE wrestler Danny Doring joins us to promote NWA NYs 10th Anniversary Anarchy show! Rhino is on that show too and he talks about working in WWE, ECW and TNA

MP3 formatMay 11, 2013: We begins with a little updating of the cast. Then we dive into calls. This led us to talking about the rash of concussions in the business and WWE Champion Dolph Ziggler getting one that put him on the shelf.

MP3 formatMay 04, 2013: We talk about all the lates WWE and TNA news. Indy wrestler Punisher VanSlyke joins us in the studio and promotes working a show in Rochester that day

MP3 formatApril 27, 2013: We start the show with the Artiste in Toronto joining us via technology. We talked the Undertaker, Bray Wyatt and Wrestlemania 29 news. The new Divas show on E is the topic.

MP3 formatApril 20, 2013: We start the show with UFC Hall of Famer and WWE Superstar Ken Shamrock is in the area and he joins us. We talked Ryback heel turn.

MP3 formatApril 13, 2013: We start talking with our in studio guests 3 Roc City Roller Derby Ladies Karma, Lethal Lorelei and Shockin Audrey. We talked TNA and WWE News. WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels joins us to end the show.

MP3 formatApril 06, 2013: Its Wrestlemania 29 week. We promote the Pay Per View and talk about the card.

MP3 formatMarch 30, 2013: We start the show with newly elected WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus and we are smitten. We talk about the passing of Reid Flair. Lots of calls and news.

MP3 formatJanuary 12, 2013: We start the show with news and Rock news. WWE Raw celebrates its 20th anniversary. TNAs Frankie Kazarian joins us to promote TNA Genesis Pay Per View.

MP3 formatJanuary 05, 2013: We talk about the rating system on WWE. TNAs Jeremy Borash joins us to talk about TNA and more!

MP3 formatDecember 31, 1969: Danny, Mad Dog and Eric Emanon take you through the past week of pro wrestling